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Serendipity - Downloads

There are several ways to download Serendipity. The FULL release contains everything you need, wheras the LITE release only provides the default template and does not have the dummy stub files you need to setup a shared installation (which is for advanced users only). Thus, the LITE release is more lightweight for bandwidth-conservative people. You can easily upgrade a LITE release to a FULL release by simply uploading the FULL release. The core files in both versions are fully identical.

  • Fetch a snapshot (2.0 development)
    We have migrated our Source Repository to GitHUB and are using GIT there. Want a nightly snapshot of the ongoing development? Be sure to read for updates on the stability of the current GIT nightlies. If you previously installed a "full" release, you might need to delete the file "" in your serendipity directory to be able to use a snapshot without integrity check warnings.

    Current Status: Working on 2.1.
    Recommendation: Use 2.0.1