Garvin Hicking

I'm a german webdesigner/-programmer born in 1979 and currently living near Bonn.

As I got more and more into reading common Weblogs by PHP-developers (Jannis Hermanns [1], Sterling Hughes [2] and many others) I decided, I need to get famous and take over the world as well. So of course there was only one blog left to go with: Serendipity.

I soon found out that there where some major items left to improve and worked on XHTML compatibility and code style, the configuration system, a hotword-plugin and the multi-language functionality and some other things.

There are still a few things left to make Serendipity up to par with MT, but we're already way cooler. :-)

My own serendipity powered superBlog [3] is waiting for your visit.

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