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Contact Information

There are several ways to contact the Serendipity Team.

We usually recommend contacting us through the Forums, which is the place where most people are listening.

Other appreciated places are the Mailing Lists or via IRC.

We also have further information on how to proceed when reporting Bugs or Security Issues.

Commercial Support

Serendipity's Core Developer Garvin Hicking works at the german web-design/multimedia agency Faktor E (Bonn). His company offers commercial support for all needs touching Serendipity's featureset.

If you need help on operating your blog in a corporate environment, customizing plugins, creating plugins, altering workflow structures feel free to contact them. You can be sure to get the most qualified help there:

Faktor E Multimedia GmbH


Sourceforge / GitHUB

Here are quick links to Serendipity's relevant Sourceforge pages. We use Sourceforge for maintaining the project releases and plugins/themes, but use GitHUB for maintaining our core sourcecode. In the future we plan to move everything to GitHUB.

Helping us?

If you want to help the s9y project, we are always looking for eager developers. We are also in need of people helping us to enlarge this Wiki. If you want to contribute there, please drop a message on the Serendipity Forums!

Currently we're in special need of:

  • Quality Assurance (QA): Test our release packages. Install them from scratch, try updates from previous versions, make sure everything is working, check if the upgrader works along the different (CVS)-Versions.
  • Documentation: Write documents on how to use s9y, how to write plugins, how to generate templates, ...
  • Translation: Don't see a version in your language? Translate the appropriate language file, and send it to us.
  • Design: We're always interested in anyone who can help us design awesome templates or icons for Serendipity.
  • Hosting: As the project is growing, we need more infrastructure over time. If you're interested in sponsoring server/bandwidth, please contact Thanks go out to our friends over at BASE who support the s9y project.

In addition to the above list, we are always interested in ideas or patches for Serendipity, even reporting bugs helps us create better software.

If you think you can help us out, just drop a mail on our forums.

Patches for Language translations, bug fixes are best submitted to us from a recent GitHUB checkout, unified diffs ("diff -u") or (even better) pull requests in GitHUB are appreciated.

For more information about GitHUB, please go to here

Thanks for your involvement!

Last but not least: Have fun with Serendipity! Drop us a line if you like it, or if you have your own success story.