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Future of Serendipity

This document holds suggestions and ideas for the near future of Serendipity.

What Garvin can do


  • DONE: Change entryproperties configuration so that each section of the entry insertion "extended options" panel can be enabled/disabled. (winkiller)
  • DONE: Split up layout of the static page plugin to group input areas into logical groups, for a better overview. Add "blog homepage" to the static page list plugin. Maybe a custom permalink for the blog startpage could be created and accessed via the plugin (Carlgalloway, JPhilip)
  • DONE: Add "configure this plugin" links to the blog frontend, to allow easier admin access (JPhilip)
  • DONE: Add a link to the CVS Changelog for Plugin updates through spartacus (YellowLED)
  • Improve template options: Use tabbing or grouping.
  • Improve media insertion: Do not use inline styles, allow to setup alt-tags, maybe use a <s9ymdb id="47"> shortcut for images. (kho)
  • Add a config option for s9y core version checks. (yellowled)
  • Allow freetag plugin to specify custom Tag URLs (Mandrake)
  • Allow freetag plugin to check tags on entries saved by Popfetcher


  • Workflow plugin: Allow easy control of draft-statusses for entries that need aproval or can be "bounced" back to the editors. (simb)

What other developers might want to do/help with


  • Better Admin-UI design (simb, abdussamad, JPhilip)
  • Documentation, more Details on plugins, Details on Plugin updates (abdussamad, TKS)
  • (Opt-In done in 1.4) A new 'manage mail subscriptions' interface where visitors can see their comment notifications (Robert Lender, Joaquin)
  • Improve textformatting plugins so that they can register "sections" (mastaYoda)
  • Improve version control plugin: Notes, Version comparison, also track staticpages (mekk)
  • Unit Testing (mastaYoda)


  • Make comment mail smarty-template based, so that users can include custom text there (including legal texts) [can be achieved by editing the language constant currently]
  • Improve the multilingual plugin (Xanthuous)
  • Improve export to contain more items (Carlgalloway)
  • Improve PDF exporter to better convert HTML and images (Hiwelt)
  • Allow "presets" for plugin configuration and layout so that you can revert to former "snapshots". Allow to temporarily enable snapshots for the current user to see plugin changes before others do. (mekk)

Where Garvin needs to be talked into, because he's not sure this is a good idea

  • Internalize plugins (staticpages, entryproperties) (Carlgalloway)
  • Feedburner replacement for s9y, to count RSS statistics (Dr. Love)
  • Full PHP5 plugin API rewrite. (mastaYoda)