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Name: Todo list
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Modified: 27 Oct 05, 14:01
Modified by: Garvin Hicking (Garvin)
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This list is maintained by the developers. Serendipity users should use the Sourceforge Trackers? to report bugs and/or feature requests.

(! = High Priority, * = Medium Priority, - = Low Priority, C = Fixed in CVS)


!(0.8) Add template dependencies (tomsommer)

- Inline editing of smarty templates, would need write permissions on template directory, might be bad and hard for the avarage user -- but many wants it?

!(0.8) CRITICAL: Remove templates that are only engines, from the template listing

!(0.8) Retink the highlighting of even vs. uneven rows in CSS. Might have to set a CSS class for each <td> tag (tomsommer)

!(0.8) Remove border around checkboxes in IE (tomsommer)

!(0.8) Upgrade Smarty, to 2.6.7

!(0.8) Run translation cleanup scripts (tomsommer)

* Consider using gettext for translations, or at least a gettext-like method.

- Make configuration tab-based?

- Convert some of the internal plugins into external plugins

C Replace all fake non-javascript buttons

C Rewrite "Manage Categories" and in the process split the "Manage Categories" and "Manage directories" pages into smaller pages ("Add/Edit category/directory")

C Bump copyright notices to 2005

C Redesign menu in administration

C Make admin CSS style to use $templatePath and so on, allow using a 'backend_css' event hook

C Make the admin look good in Internet Explorer

C Make pretty RSS feeds for comments and categories

C Fix new installer to emit notices about chmod() calls

C Split up the configuration page and the installer

C Convert config .tpl files into standard associative PHP arrays, to avoid parsing the bastards - don't put it in $serendipity - make the require() return the array.

C Merge Author and Admin suites into one, and seperate their look from the rest of the blog by letting it use its own stylesheet

C Rewrite import tool to work like a guide, with pages. Modulize it to better support the unique software you are importing from, Blogger, Wordpress, Movable Type etc.

C Split up into logical files


!(0.8) Bundle kubrick theme!!!

! Figure out how to preserve PNG and GIF transparency when resizing images with GDlib (FIX: PNG transparency works)

! Write testcases for trackbacks, comments etc. using a test framework.

! Features from

* Figure out a way to import plugins and themes directly from an URL - it would need to be secure, corruption safe and prevent malicious files from being imported. A Serendipity Theme and Plugin Repository. This would allow us to move many of the less used bundled plugins and themes to our website and out of our distribution. (Project name: SPARTACUS?) (First 'draft state' ideas used in serendipity_event_spartacus plugin)

- Activate spellcheck (functionality of HTMLArea, uses server-side language files) and in non-WYSIWYG with pspell extension

- Find a good way to make Upgrade facility only available to admins

- Versioning for entries

- Allow users to create static/separate pages (pages like "About", "Contact") etc. [functionality of serendipity_event_staticpage - maybe needs better integration/accessibility? or be merged into the core?]

C We should add config options "Disable all trackbacks" and "Disable comments via XML WFW API [for posting comments via RSS Readers]" to the spamblock plugin.

C Add a 'authors view' page: blog/index.php?authors/1-TomSommer and so on

C The installer should emit a warning when a database already exists, before inserting the default plugins again and causing them to show up twice. (FIXED: Installer will never overwrite an existing installation)

C Fix/Improve Page pregenaration // Caching

C Make number of displayed posts user-configurable, make frontpage category user-configurable.

C Add Timezone support. Adjust every call to time(), date(), strftime() to be able to be called with an offset specifier.

C Add an entryproperty plugin option to limit viewing articles for "anonymous" users, "registered authors" and "superusers".

C Sticky posts

C Improve archive frequency and pretty URLs with better time/calendar ranges


* pMachine

* textpad

* blogger?

* boastMachine (bMachine)

* b2 (evolution)

C Wordpress, MoveableType, Nucleus


- Allow for blogging from GNOME Blog ( and gaim-blogger (

C Allow for blogging in Mozilla/Firebird sidebars (JustBlogIt)


* Printer friendly version of a page

* Spice up default theme


! Document all available CSS classes/ids

* Document plugin architecture / API


- Citation extractor plugin