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Commercial Support

Serendipity's Core Developer Garvin Hicking works at the german web-design/multimedia agency Faktor E (Bonn). His company offers commercial support for all needs touching Serendipity's featureset.

If you need help on operating your blog in a corporate environment, customizing plugins, creating plugins, altering workflow structures feel free to contact them. You can be sure to get the most qualified help there:

Faktor E Multimedia GmbH: Internetagentur für Design, Content Management und PHP-Programmierung in Bonn

Webdesign & Serendipity-Blogs & Imperia & Typo3

Faktor E Multimedia GmbH, Bonn
Poppelsdorfer Allee 104
D-53115 Bonn (Germany)



Below is a list of companies that supply easy (and sometimes free) access to Serendipity by allowing its customers to automatically deploy and install Serendipity onto a customers site.

While Serendipity has no unqiue or difficult requirements to its environment, it is sometimes good to know if a provider has been tested with Serendipity. We have compiled a list of hosting providers that we can confirm support Serendipity without any (technical) problems:

If you know of any providers that belong on these lists, please don't hesistate to contact Garvin Hicking or Jannis Hermanns from the development team