0.8 Release Announcement


The Serendipity team is happy to announce the immediate availability of the final release of Serendipity 0.8.

Serendipity is a PHP-powered weblog application which gives the user an easy way to maintain an online diary, weblog or personal homepage.

The development of Serendipity is intended to offer a flexible, expandible and easy-to-use framework. We use a sophisticated Plugin architecture, affecting both the appearance of your blog and its core features. It ships with a variety of useful plugins to enhance your blog, and several more are available in an additional CVS repository. Serendipity's Frontend is based on Smarty Templating and can thus be easily modified and enhanced.

Wordpress/Textpattern users might favor Serendipity because of its functional and flexible expandability without the hassle of editing the core application files. Moveable-Type users will appreciate the BSD-style licensing and the speed and functionality of dynamically generated pages.

Serendipity offers all of the following features and many more:


To wrap it up: Serendipity can do anything you want to get done with a blog, as easy as that. If you want more information, visit our Wiki on http://www.s9y.org/. [1]


The latest 0.8 release vastly improves the featurebase of Serendipity.

A complete list of changes for this release can be found in our NEWS file, located in our CVS Repository. Here are the most important changes since 0.7:



New/changed internal plugins

External/Additional plugins

Many external/additional plugins have been developed. They are constantly maintained here: CVS repository [2].

This is a list of added plugins since the 0.7 Serendipity release, which you can download and use with Serendipity 0.8:






In the future, Serendipity will offer a centralized repository for Plugins, Themes and other Customications (codename SPARTACUS). It will be much like PEAR and allows to easily install and upgrade plugins and themes.

Other plans include to further improve the Translation System and modularize more parts of Serendipity. As well, take a look at our Todo list [4] for more of our plans.


The upgrade to this release is the largest upgrade task from any previous version, because of the change in Smarty Templating and in the restructurization of the filesystem architecture.

However we have tried to make this again as easily as possible, so you should not face any problems during upgrading as long as you made sure that:

This is how you should update from a previous release of Serendipity: Download the latest distribution, unpack it to your existing folder, open the Admin panel of your blog, say hello to our update script and let it do its work. And then you're done! To be on the safe side, we suggest to make a backup of both your files and database before.

It is very important that you ensure the following when upgrading from/to any version:

If the upgrading process fails in any way for you, please write down any error messages you see and contact us?!

The upgrade in this version will do those tasks:

Introduce Smarty templating

This will add several *.tpl files to the default template, which affects the display of HTML code on the frontend. If you previously used a bundled template, you will not see any changes. But if you used a customized layout.php in your template, you will maybe need to adjust to the new templating engine. Please read the Style Documentation [3] for detailed instructions. The basic idea is to just remove your layout.php file and make modifications to a copy of 'index.tpl' instead. If you previously executed special PHP code in layout.php, you may now do that in a 'config.inc.php' file.

Restructure the filesystem

We have finally tidied up the filesystem and created more suitable subdirectories. This will greatly unclutter your core Serendipity directory root. The automatic Serendipty upgrade will try to remove any old files, but for this to succeed, it will need to have write access to most files.

If the Upgrader cannot remove files, it will emit a warning message - but you can still use Serendipity. You should just note down the files Serendipity could not remove, and remove them manually via FTP. You can also leave the files there, they will not interfere with normal operations - they are just no longer needed.

For a complete list of changed/removed files, see Changed Files [3].

The most critical file which got removed are serendipity_sidebar_items.php and serendipity_plugin_api.php. Those files are now called include/plugin_internal.inc.php and include/plugin_api.inc.php. So if you previously had any external PHP code accessing those two includes, you need to adapt your files to the new locations!

Note for Shared Installations: The changes in filestructure affected the subdirectories 'templates' and 'htmlarea'. Make sure that each shared installation has the latest version of those directories. As advised in the Serendipity Shared Installation Documentation, it is advised to make those directories a virtual link to the shared installation so that those can be maintained within a single directory as well.

Introduce new Rewrite Rules

Quite a few rewrite rules ("pretty URLs") have been added to Serendipity 0.8. They will not interfere with previous pretty URLs, but improve existing ones. That means, Serendipity will need to regenerate the .htaccess file.

Remove obsolete Configuration variables

As the configuration/installer process has been modified, a few configuration variables no longer need to be stored inside the Database. Those variables (mostly Database-relevant: dbName, dbUser, dbPass, ...) will be removed from the database and will only remain inside the master configuration file serendipity_config_local.inc.php.

Install new Plugin 'Browser Compatibility'

Because the new Administration theme makes use of transparent PNG items, we need to use a plugin to enforce PNG compatibility with the Internet Explorer. This plugin may in the future also offer other means to maximize Browser Compatibility.

Fix Database Indexes

In previous versions, a few database indexs were not created correctly. This has been fixed in the -alpha11 upgrade stepping, so that Serendipity will create the missing indexes to speed up performance. However if those indexes already existed, it may happen that Serendipity emits a warning message. You can ignore those about duplicate indexes, though!


One common FAQ / problem when users who have upgraded from 0.7 AND are using the WYSIWYG-Editor is that they may get several "JavaScript error alerts" telling them that the "listunordereditem" is not set. You need to completely erase your browser's cache so that it can use the updated WYSIWYG editor from Serendipity 0.8. Otherwise, Firefox and other browsers may still use the old cached WYSIWYG-JavaScript files.

PostgreSQL users should take care to not use a lengthy dbPrefix for their database - the automatically created sequences only allow names of about 30 characters. Thus any prefix longer than about 10 characters can cause trouble because index names may not match.


If you want to upgrade from a different blog application like Word Press or Moveable Type, you can use the RSS import facility to preserve your entries. Look at our Wiki on http://www.s9y.org/53.html [5] to see instructions.

New in this version is native import for many popular blog (and forum) applications. You will see this functionality in the 'Import Entries' section of the Serendipity Administration panel.


Now what are you waiting for? Download latest release [6]!

On behalf of the s9y-Team,


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